2007 |  Facultad de Bellas Artes | Fondo Nacional de las Artes | Argentina


Uco is the first album recorded by Luciano Massa and it features music by Jan Logy, Francisco Tárrega, Walter Heinze, Carlos Moscardini and Quique Sinesi which. This album was made thanks to the support of the National Fund for the Arts (Fondo Nacional de las Artes).

Pablo Balut was in charge of the recording which was made in 2007 at the La Plata Fine Arts Faculty recording studio, Argentina.

The Argentine artist Martín Barrios was in charge of the cover photo and design as well as the production of this album.

List of works:

  1. Prelude XVI: Endecha (Francisco Tárrega)
  2. Prelude XIV (Francisco Tárrega)
  3. Prelude XVIII (Francisco Tárrega)
  4. Prelude XVII: Lágrima (Francisco Tárrega)
  5. Prelude XII (Francisco Tárrega)
  6. Suite in a minor: Aria (Jan Logy)
  7. Suite in a minor: Capriccio (Jan Logy)
  8. Suite in a minor: Sarabande (Jan Logy)
  9. Suite in a minor: Gavotte (Jan Logy)
  10. Suite in a minor: Gigue (Jan Logy)
  11. Pampas n° 1: Milonga (Héctor Ayala)
  12. Camino de las tropas (Carlos Moscardini)
  13. Dice la llanura (Walter Heinze)
  14. De aquella luz (Walter Heinze)
  15. Manantial de luz (Quique Sinesi)

Que lo diga el río

2019 | Baros Records | Slovenia

This is the second solo album by Luciano Massa. It offers interpretations of some of the pearls of the tango and folk repertoire from Argentina, his homeland. Music by Astor Piazzolla, Atahualpa Yupanqui, Juan Falú, Eduardo Falú and Julián Plaza.

Recorded and produced in 2018 by Uros Baric for Baros Records, Slovenia.

Photos by Mariano Mantel.

List of works:

  1. Lloran las ramas del viento (Atahualpa Yupanqui)
  2. Canciones del abuelo no. 2 (Atahulpa Yupanqui)
  3. Zamba de Vargas (Anonymus)
  4. La cuartelera (E. Falú)
  5. Rastro de amor (Juan Falú)
  6. Cueca del arenal (Eduardo Falú)
  7. Que lo diga el río (Juan Falú)
  8. Triunfal (Astor Piazzolla, arr. Víctor Villadangos)
  9. Jacinto Chiclana (Astor Piazzolla, arr. Víctor Villadangos)
  10. Melancólico (Julián Plaza, arr. Oscar Vidal)
  11. Invierno Porteño (Astor Piazzolla, arr. Sergio Assad)