“This disc offers a unique ambiance for a travel throughout various moments of the guitar music. The strong expressive intention, where the relation between pauses, phrases and tempo fluctuations keeps an exquisite balance, creates a common space that brings the Romantic preludes of Tárrega closer to the Pampa´s aires of Ayala or to some Baroque dances by Logy.
Perhaps is this peculiarity what gives great unity to the recording. So, does the sound. A deep and legato sound that is only interrupted when it has to be.”

Alejandro Polemann
Revista Clang, Argentina

“Luciano Massa has followed guitar and music studies under my guidance, showing always excellent conditions for the guitar and music. I am pleased to add that he is a talented and intelligent guitarist.”

Abel Carlevaro

“This duo (Massa – LópezMuro) enchants the audience with their authentic interpretations of Argentine Music. The music they play comes from the four corners of this vast country and offers a combination between the countryside and the urban traditions.”

Festival International de Guitare de Nendaz