Uco is the first recording made by Luciano Massa. Pablo Balut was in charge of the recording, made in December 2007 in La Plata, Argentina. The Argentine artist Martín Barrios was responsible for the cover photo and design as well as the production of this album.

The recording includes music by Jan Logy, Francisco Tárrega, Walter Heize, Carlos Moscardini, Héctor Ayala and Quique Sinesi.

Uco | 2007\n\nFrancisco Tárrega – Five preludes

  1. No. XVI (Endecha)
  2. No. XIV
  3. No. XVIII (Oremus)
  4. No. XVII (Lágrima)
  5. No. XII
    Jan Antonin Logy – Suite in A minor
  6. Aria
  7. Capriccio
  8. Sarabande
  9. Gavotte\n10)   Gigue
  10. Héctor Ayala
  11.  Milonga (from Pampas no. 1)
    Carlos Moscardini
  12. Camino de lastropas
    Walter Heinze
  13. Dice la llanura
  14. De aquellaluz
    Quique Sinesi
  15. Manantial de luz